Social Commerce

Place your employees and customers at the centre of a new sales model!

Popsell is a social commerce platform that puts sales consultants at the centre of a special customer relationship across all communication and sales channels (e-commerce, stores, direct selling) using a specific mobile app. The sales consultants’ role shifts towards an omnichannel strategy: they become a phygital personal shopper and influencer.

This solution increases consultant and customer engagement, significantly improving conversion and customer-loyalty rates.


Web + store turnover:
Conversion & Loyalty




Conversion rate
versus classic chat

Omnichannel sales consultant

A designated personal shopper

In-store sales consultants respond to website visitors

Customers are assisted by their personal shopper right up to the purchase. Visitors select their designated sales consultant based on the consultant’s location or expertise. They can instantly view the products offered in their conversation and can buy them directly from the consultant.

The purchase can be made online or at the store, and the consultant is compensated in the same way.

A digital showcase for each consultant

Customers view and find inspiration in the
content created by
the consultants.

They can follow the consultants’ selections, browse through their selection of products and interact with them directly.

A close relationship

Localised and personalised customer loyalty

Customers maintain a relationship with the consultant they meet in the store.

From their home, they can find and contact nearby consultants.

And consultants can send personalised posts to their designated customers.

A specific tool for sales consultants

Consultants become phygital

Improving the sales consultant profession

They can extend their actions and expertise to website visitors. They are free to optimise their time in the store and can even work remotely.


A unique gamification system

Consultants are motivated every day

Consultant activity is boosted by challenges.
All the actions are rewarded: conversations with customers, ratings obtained, posts, sales!

Simple content creation and sharing

Increase content creation through your consultants


  • shared on social media
  • enriching the e-commerce site and product sheets
  • inspiring customers and triggering sales

Posts can also be shared by consults with their designated customers.

Social commerce at work for our clients

and its Ambassad’Or

GUY DEMARLE Etude de cas client POPSELL

digitalises its consultants

the customer becomes the salesperson

A complete platform
for retail and direct selling

Community Platform

Inspiration and interactions between the brand, its employees and customers


Discussions between visitors, consultants and store sales personnel Chat, video, group conversations


Catalogue of rewards

Sales consultant e-shop

Shop personalised by the consultant
Direct addition to basket

Content production

Content sharing and creation by the members (UGC)
Photos, videos and products


Product catalogue integrated into the platform, chat and created content

Consultant location

Sales consultant map and points of sale
Local communities

Store integration

Sales consultant application
Omnichannel solution: store and web tracking

E-commerce widgets

Integration of e-commerce site or operation through a stand-alone app