Ambassad’Or at Histoire d’Or

Histoire d’Or is a multi-brand watch and jewellery chain created in 1981 that expands access to jewellery, making more available to a greater number of people. In 2020, Histoire d’Or had 350 stores in France. It also has retail locations in Belgium and Italy.

The power of social commerce has reinvented customer relations and the role of the sales consultant

Social commerce at Histoire d’Or is called “Ambassad’Or”! Histoire d’Or and Popsell joined forces to develop a social commerce solution that responds to one of the key challenges of digital technology: humanise web sales and achieve results mirroring those of brick and mortar stores! The solution relies on in-store employees who become genuine digital ambassadors for the brand and extend their job onto the web.

Results surpassing the objectives


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The goal of Histoire d’Or
Extend the physical experience into the digital realm and vice versa to convert customers and build their loyalty

The new social commerce platform used by the consultants is for creating a new sales channel that complements the e-commerce site as well as the network of stores. This new digital sales channel is inspired by the direct-sales model and is based on the power of recommendation. By using digital technology to combine the e-commerce site and the stores, consultants can interact, advise and sell directly to site visitors and/or their customers via chat or video chat.

The advantages for the brand and the customers are direct: at the moment when the consumer searches for a personalised, streamlined buying experience, where the importance of human connection intersects with increased digitalisation and major web expansion, the relationship with the customer is reinvented. The consumer rediscovers human contact and social connection: their experience with the brand, online or in the store, is transformed. Thus, the solution becomes a genuine loyalty and growth driver. The impact is also positive for the sales consultants whose profession is reinvented and enhanced. It also offers financial benefits and provides the chance for the sales consultant and their team to receive bonuses.

Popsell et Histoire d'Or - cas client

Our idea is not to create a group of new sales consultants/influencers, but to give the teams the opportunity to expand their sales capabilities and highlight their skills.



New omnichannel sales tool for developing customer loyalty, recruiting and generating revenue

This social commerce programme revolutionises the role of the sales consultant, placing them at the centre of the customer relationship. Sales consultants turn omnichannel and combine e-commerce and brick and mortar by re-humanising digital sales.

There is a direct impact on revenue: the site’s conversion rate is increased thanks to the sales consultants and the programme generates additional store traffic (online/click and collect).

Employees become brand ambassadors and influencers among their community of customers. In fact, they directly develop the loyalty of their customers, who can follow them, get inspired by what they share and have personal chats with them in real time, any time. Each customer has the option of creating a stronger, more permanent connection with their consultant.